• Engineering Dream

    3D Animations &
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

    Every great invention started with a dream. What better way could there be to design that dream than a model? 3D Animations and CAD allow you to see your idea come to life from all angles. After all, good planning is the key to success.

    Engineering Dream

    3D Modeling & Printing

    With the technology of
    the 3D printing finally in hand, Computer-Aided Design is more important than ever. It is now possible to create that bracket or part for your project that is impossible to find with a printer that has the capability to print three dimensions. It is now at your fingertips through RedWire Logic.

  • circuit board

    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

    Simple, complex, single-layer, multi-layer, surface-mount, or thru-hole, we have to right tools to create your desired design. PCB designs are endless, and so are our capabilities.

    circuit board

    PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

    After creating the optimal PCB design for your needs, we can manufacture it for you through rapid prototyping or outsourcing your designs into the right hands to get you the best results in the fastest possible manner.

  • Inspire an idea

    Software Design

    From simple programs to complicated coding, we have all the right tools. We have ample experience with visual-based software, artificial intelligence, and many more medias. The possibilities are endless.

    Inspire an idea

    Application Development

    The design and creation of applications are available for televisions, computers, and any smart device. Also, we are fluent with both Android and IOS systems.

    Inspire an idea

    Controls and Systems

    From the analytical stages of design to creating the problem-solving solution, we have advanced knowledge that will fulfill all controls and systems needs, elementary and complex.

Ongoing Projects

If you are interested in following a project, adding ideas, and collaborating. Come Follow Us!

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